DiagnostiX works hand in hand with Doctors

DiagnostiX aims at saving the time both of Doctors and Patients. It works hand in hand with doctors to give a preliminary diagnosis of the patient that the doctor simply has to confirm or reject.

Our statistics of current client hospitals prove that the emergency room wait time was reduced from 6 hours to 2 hours.


About DiagnostiX

DX Medical Solutions was founded in November 2019. The company currently holds offices in Amsterdam, Geneva and Rome with a team of more than 30 members. Our founding partners have a vision of democratising A.I. for the medical imaging field and create a subset of systems that can not only improve the patients experience whilst visiting a medical facility but also create a more efficient diagnosis process. Throughout it's clinical trials of the first product, DiagnostiX was able to reduce the waiting times for emergency rooms by up to 40%, with patient satisfactory ratings becoming significantly higher.